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Best quality China Anti Grass Cloth UV Treatment Agricultural Ground cloth

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The characteristics of grass-proof cloth (horticultural ground cloth)

(1) High strength. Due to the use of plastic flat wire, it can maintain sufficient strength and elongation in wet and dry conditions.

(2) Corrosion resistance, long-term corrosion resistance in soil and water with different pH.

(3) Good water permeability. There are gaps between the flat yarns, so it has good water permeability.

(4) Good anti-microbial properties, no damage to microorganisms and insects.

(5) The construction is convenient. Because the material is light and soft, it is convenient to transport, lay and construct.

(6) High breaking strength, up to 20KN/m or more, good creep resistance and corrosion resistance.

The characteristics of grass cloth

1. Use physical principles to block the photosynthesis of weeds. The weeds are not illuminated by light and lose the necessary conditions for growth to achieve the weeding effect.
2. This kind of cloth has good air permeability and can be directly picked up and blown for testing. The advantage of ventilation is that the soil will not be compacted, the roots of the soil can breathe better, the microorganisms in the soil will not be reduced, and the plant growth environment will not be negatively affected.
3. Rainwater and artificial watering (drip irrigation/spraying) can directly penetrate the past for absorption by the roots, and will not cause root retting as impermeable as plastic film. Better to facilitate the application of liquid fertilizer, watering and management.
4. When fertilizer is applied to plants, it will have a certain effect of maintaining fertilizer in rainy weather, preventing rainwater from washing and running away the fertilizer. After the rain, the soil can be kept moist for a certain period of time, reducing the number of irrigation.
5. Related to the white plastic pollution mentioned above, the grass-proof cloth is a new type of environmentally friendly product, which can adjust the degradation time according to the crop growth period. Once the degradation time is reached, it will automatically degrade into water and carbon dioxide and return to nature, which does not pollute the ecology.

The use of grass cloth

1. It is widely used in agriculture. Weed-proof cloth can be used in orchard management, vegetable planting, mountain fruit trees, seedling planting, medicinal tea fields, etc. It is convenient to manage crops and can also reduce labor costs.
2. Greening the environment, environmental protection homes, parks, scenic tree areas, roads, flower gardens, and scenic spots can effectively reduce the investment in weeding by sanitation workers, achieve a clean and tidy green environment, and increase visual beauty.
3. The research and development of grass-proof cloth not only solves the pollution problem of traditional agricultural plastic film, but also facilitates people to take care of the crops in the orchard, the green management of the scenic area, and effectively reduce the input of labor costs.