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Company Profile

Linyi Meixu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

Our company is a modern enterprise producing PP Woven bags professionally with more than 16years old experience and high advance technology, we have 300 staff members including over 20technical persons and senior managers.

Founded in 2005, Linyi Meixu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic packaging industry.
Our main products are polypropylene woven cloth, woven bags and mesh bags, our annual production capacity is about 5000 tons, our products are mainly sold to many countries and regions abroad, 100% of the products are exported. In the foreign market enjoys a high reputation, the majority of customers praise and recognition.
If you are interested in our products or are ready to sample processing, please contact us in time. We believe that we will produce on demand and will establish a good business relationship with you in the near future

About Us

We have 100 sets circular loom machines, and three Extruding machines, 3sets high speed printing manchine,and five laminated manchine,400sets sewing machines. There are six departments in our company such as Trade Office, Product and Technology Department, Quality Control Department, Financial Department and Purchase Department. They coincide with each other.And also we are improving our inner management innovation incessantly .We persist in the principle of “Customer foremost, quality first, base on honesty, innovate constantly”. We have won credit standing in our field and the trust of customers. Our whole staffs warmly welcome you to our company and will do the best to server you.

Mission And Vision

With its experience in the plastic packaging industry, it has become the world’s most successful company.


Representing all of his followers on the quality and level of production to meet the needs of the vast number of customers will be an example. Become the driving force of packaging industry.


New investments to meet growing demand. With the ever-changing market share increase. Marketing to meet forecasts Enterprise Company ID move front. Can look to the future with confidence.

Quality Policy

The organization is a sought-after bag in the industry in which we operate with our quality policy.
Time and requirements to meet customer needs and expectations,
To ensure compliance with relevant standards to ensure the performance of our products,
Ideal of modern management, the purpose is to agree with the quality of our products, to meet the market demand, to remain in the forefront of confidence,
Not satisfied with the current situation, at every point the basic concept of protection is constantly improved

The Enterprise Culture

Human Resources Policy
The company’s HUMAN resources policy aims to believe that humans are achieving “human,” the elements he seeks to create. In this context, including human resources, systems and practices that contribute to employee development opportunities and their motivation, basic policies for job satisfaction and happiness work together to improve efficiency.

Main objectives:
• To change and open new learning and continuous self-development efforts
• display
• The spirit of the team and the “we are conscious” of the future of individual companies in their efforts to capture and reflect the performance performance of employees throughout the company’s “total quality Management” will be effective.
• And development opportunities are provided to employees in order to strengthen their sense of belonging, performance-based compensation and career development opportunities in line with the company’s increased awareness of facilities.

Value the “people first” approach within the framework of respect for human dignity requirements • employees trust them, appreciate and share success. Dedicated to the privacy of employees’ personal information. Our employees’ health and safety, more emphasis on health and environmental protection.